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Firebringer 02:23
Who’s to say that you should have it all? Your echelon just means that you have further to fall. We are slaves;I can’t help but ask why. Your appetite We feed, while we go hungry and die. I thought I needed you! (But I was wrong!) I never wanted you! (I want you gone!) I don’t believe in you! (You don’t belong!) Rebelling against what isn’t right. Promethues Giving everything to end our plight. No longer are we slaves of the dark. Firebringer Follow what’s in your heart .
Tear Me Down 02:20
My bitter wake up to reality Where nothing is granted As nothing has been given to me My uncondiitoned distrust built up In years of failures and broken promises. I gave my heart to the one who broke it So I suppose it was my fault what I did And time demanded a high price As soon as I realized there was no more room Here inside for you- it’s not your fault my dear So please dry your eyes, I don’t deserve these tears I wish I’ll be able to tell you,one day I can still feel it all, the way I used to Build me up, tear me down As you’ve done before Tear me down Buld me up, tear me down It always ends this way, Build me up, tear me down
* 01:29
Staring us in the face from the beginning. Momentary happiness clouding our sight. Unaware of the devastation it would bring. IT’S NOT RIGHT! The intention was never to benefit, but to rob us of our dignity. Where’s our justice,our liberty… FOR ALL? Well it was written in the fine print,all along It read I’m not here to help you; I don’t care about your family, and I don’t give a fuck about your well-being; while I’m here,no you’ll never be free. Our lives revolve around a system. A system fueled by deception. Don’t let it pull you in (STAND UP!) This isn’t how it has to be. (FIGHT BACK!) Change starts with (YOU AND ME!)
I was waiting awake till late this night Alone in this room filled with dark thoughts All alone Shades of you twisting in my mind Echoes of your presence Am I losing my sight Or is it just your beloved ghost Constantly haunting me? Nothing has changed since I’ve been sitting here Under this pale gray sky I’m begging For someone to save me -from myself- And I’ve always wished –I wished I could take you away From this cold,dark place But then I realized I’m the one Who needs to be saved instead Yes I just realized how empty and weak I am Just a shattered soul wondering if at least You could take me away from all of this


released January 11, 2012




Prometheus Rimini, Italy

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